Monday, 30 April 2012

hot spots

So... at the beginning of this project the class was split into 2 groups and we were sent on hotspot visits to get some info as to how other people market themselves and if they use blogs.

So first we went to Not Just Design where we met with Andy Rice, who is a design consultant. He spoke to us about various projects he had been part of, including designing a new bar/restaurant called The West House which is on the corner of South Tay Street in Dundee which he took us to see. He told us that "design is in everything" and that there are no limits to design, even if you are specialized in one field, you could put your design skills to anything. One of my main questions was "why did you stay in Dundee?" his reason was family. It is quite comforting to know that although he stayed in Dundee, which isnt necessarily a city that people would think of as a design capital, he and his company have becoming hugely successful!

Not Just Design is down the stairs in the DCA and holds many different courses and classes for people to become more creative and gain wonderful, artistic skills. They are helping invest in creative people for the future which I think is greatly important and encouraging for creative people

the whole point

After all of these posts I have done I suddenly realized that I hadn't actually mentioned why I'm doing this blog and what it is all about! So...
Being a HNC student at Dundee College, one of my classes is Professional Design Practice. And in this class, we are to make a blog which reflects Dundee in some way and also includes my own design practice.
So to reflect Dundee, and being a Fashion Student, I decided to show Dundee's street style. Street style certainly influences my personal style and my design practice so through this blog, this is what I intend to show and have already been showing.
Enjoy! :)

dundee college fashion show

Being a fashion student at Dundee College, I feel the need to share my poster for the end of year fashion show with you. All the details are on the poster but it is on June 1st at the SPACE Kingsway Campus! There's going to be some amazing garments, mostly by the HNDs, and its totally available for other student to! Hope to see you all there!

This poster was made by using a photograph of myself modeling a garment I had made in semester 1. I duplicated the image twice so that there were three figures. I added a red curtain like background.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

samantha influences me

name: Samantha
occupation: Student studying business
favourite shop: New Look
inspiration behind style: Other people
I really love Samantha's leggings here and that was the main thing that drew me to her outfit. Keeping her sandles plain and teamed with her cross top, I just thought it was a cute spring time outfit!

My outfit today was kind of inspired by Samantha's outfit above. Seeing her wearing her patterned leggings inspired me to try them to! However, I decided to team my leggings with a bright coloured top and grey accessories which is more to my style. :)

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

another day, another outfit..

Another day, another outfit choice... this is me today ready for college. This is inspired by my dads classic shirt-and-jumper combo which unfortunately I have no photos of, but I thought if it works for him... why not give it a bash? x

Monday, 23 April 2012

rosies shoes

Close up of rosies shoes from the post before. Love them!

rosie - vintage rock

name: Rosie
age: 18
occupation: Student studying aircraft engineering
favourite shop:
inspiration behind style: 1980-1990s
I love her style! Quite rocky with the leather jacket and MTV top, yet totally cool with the spanish vintage shoes!