Monday, 28 May 2012

to come..

Hello folks:) well I just wanted to let the world know what I am planning on posting in the near future... Well as I am rehearsing everyday at the moment for the college fashion show I have been unable to post as often as I would like. However, being in the fashion show is a great experience, plus that means after the fashion show you can bet that I will be posting (at least once) with loads of photographs from the show so that's something to look forward to!
Also, I have recently been customizing some of my old tops to bring them up to date so you can also expect some posts on that. As well as the usual things I post about: street style, trends, some of my own college work or outfits ect.
So keep it here, there will be some more great content coming soon!
Jennifer xx

Sunday, 27 May 2012

summery prints!

As the weather in Britain this week has (finally) flourished, we have all managed to bring out all that summer clothing that, to be honest, we thought would never see light again! For me the best thing about summer clothing is the prints! I just love them...

So, as I was walking through the city centre yesterday I came across these two lovely ladies, both of whom were wearing perfect examples of the summer prints trend! (above and below)

As I am a bit of an internet shopper, I was surfing the web a couple of days ago looking for summer clothes and I came across this on ...
I do just love the summer and all its lovely, tropical, floral clothes! In fact, I have also been taking advantage of the wonderful weather we have been getting buy wearing some of my own summery, printed clothes.

The dress I've had for over a year now and it felt so good to be able to wear it again. The skirt, however, is a new addition to my wardrobe which I got from which, by the way, I you haven't discovered yet then you're totally missing out!
Ahh... don't you just love summer!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

vicki moore

Now, the last person whose outfit quite stole me was worn by a girl named Vicki... (sorry about the slightly blurry picture:( )

name: Vicki
age: 25
occupation: Graduate of Fine Art
favourite shop: Zara
inspiration behind style: Vicki opps for a boho kind-of style in her everyday clothes, she likes natural colours and likes to keep it casual!
Well Vicki and I have something in common.. be both have zebra print dresses and I think that Vicki wears this effortlessly! On Friday she looked amazing and adding to the African vibe that I was getting was her gold belt and arm cuff! Keeping the shoes black and simple, the main focus was on her totally cool dress.
Unfortunately, I have no photos of Vicki's degree show pieces as her main piece was a film but check out Vicki's blog:

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Nicola Coupe

So again at DJCAD Degree Show I saw another person who was dressed rather nice.. my sister!
name: Nicola
age: 24
occupation: Graduate of Fine Art
favourite shop: New Look
inspiration behind stye: Rock/Hippy Glam!
Well Nicola often is rather rocky, but on Friday she looked to her hippy/girly side and came out in this gorgeous floral number! The dress, with the shorter front than back, is so on trend and it looks totally fab! The floral print was a nice soft one, so it isnt overwelming like some prints. The little black shoes and jacket make the outfit a little more sophisticated and the red bag is keeping with the colour of the flowers. Nice!
Below are some photographs of Nicolas degree show work...

The work includes drawings using graphite, photographs and her painted triptic!
Check out Nicolas blog:

Monday, 21 May 2012

emily inns

So recently I have been attending the DJCAD Degree Show. Well there are some amazing pieces of art thats for sure! But I have also seen some nice, classy outfits that I thought I'd share...

name: Emily
age: 22
occupation: Graduate of Fine Art
favourite shop: Zara
inspiration behind style: Current Trends
Well im sure her everyday style is also inspired by current trends but on Friday (the opening night for the degree show) I just thought Emily looked absolutely stunning! The black dress was just gorgeous and I loved the layers. Turquoise is also one of my personal favourite colours and I thought it was a great touch to add with the shoes. I also thought her necklace was very modern too.
Below are some photographs of Emily's work.. Its truly scrumptious!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

laura no.2

name: Laura
age: 17
occupation: School student
favourite shop: Topshop
inspiration behind style: Shop mannequins
This outfit I just thought was gorgeous, yet simple. Unique little denim skirt + white lace top + leather + studded heals = Rock chic cutie! Perfect day to night outfit for the right day!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

as recommended..

So you all remember Rosie from my first post, right? Cute little vintage rocker girl? Well she told me that her favourite shop was So I decided to go and have a little look myself and to my happiness I found these amazing, one of a kind, vintage shorts. And there I was, in love! So they arrived the other day and I thought that I would share with you all what Rosie shared with me!
Not only do these shorts look super cute with tights, they will also make an excellent edition to my holiday suitcase!

Monday, 14 May 2012

yellow shoe laura

name: Laura
age: 29
occupation: Community Artist
favourite shop: Topshop, H&M, Zara and vintage shops, along with Ebay
inspiration behind style: Clean and simple designs with a little bit of hippie thrown in!
I've met Laura a few times and everytime I see her I always love what she wears. And it can be a completely different outfit each time, which is one of the things I love most about her style. In this photograph I really like that although her outfit is casual, its still chic! The yellow shoes are to die for and totally stand out to the rest of the outfit, so for me, they are the main feature. The classicly cool skinny jeans and the quirky little sparkly top just set it all off!
Check out Lauras blog: elletothesea

Saturday, 12 May 2012

alice dress

So from this little drawing..
through all the processes of putting it together..

to adding the zip..

and finally adding the spots...
the dress is now, eventually, finished! And it looks awesome!

Friday, 11 May 2012

bringing out the summer

So while standing in Boots the other day waiting for my prescription I saw this girl..

I just thought she looked so cute in her little flowery dress. Because I was waiting for something I didnt have time to do a little interview on her but what she did say was "I've had the dress for years and I just thought it was a nice day so I thought I'd wear it". I just loved that although she was wearing a lot of brown, it still looked summery.

Today I was wearing something similar to her (although Im wearing blue not brown)..

We're both trying to bring out the summer with our flowery dresses! (I hope the weather starts to catch onto our message!)

DJCAD Degree Show

Okay everyone, I'm sure that all you people out there that love art know but just incase...
The DJCAD Degree Show begins on May 18th! My sister, Nicola Coupe, is part of the Degree Show as a Fine Artist and is on the general course floor! Ofcourse, there are also loads of other students there who will be showcasing their work so I suggest that you all go along, there is going to be so much to see, no matter what kind of art your into!
So.. here is your invite...

Hope to see lots of you there! :)

Thursday, 10 May 2012

kimono trend

So the kimono trend... I have to say, I really, really love this trend. The Japanese influences, beautiful prints, silk fabrics.. beautiful...(photos from asos)

However, being a student and admittedly a bit of a cheap skate, I customized an old kimono-like top I had to make it into a kimono cardi...
I simply cut it right down the middle and then folded the sides over and put in a little stitch to make a smooth edge. Its great the things you can create with an old top!
This whole thing reminded me of a wrap I made in one of my classes last semester...
My project for this wrap was based on Geisha's and their surroundings. So being in Japan, there would of been Mount Fuji, cherry blossoms, Japanese symbols, parasols.. ect. So this was my final peice which is about 150cm long by about 70cm wide. The circles creating the background I embroidered on which represent the Geishes parasols that they used to carry with them. The flowers obviously represent cherry blossoms and there are some Japanese symblos in there too meaning "Geisha", "woman" and "peace". There are some close-ups below..

The stitching on the above cherry blossom is deliberately untidy and off centre to make it more unique and look old, like the Geishas.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

vintage cutie

name: Nicole
age: 20
occupation: Student studying fashion
favourite shop: Urban Outfitters
inspiration behind style: Vintage/Quirky
I love what Nicole is wearing in this photograph! for me its completely about the skirt. Vintage and totally cute with the pleats and minty colour. The little granny cardi also adds to the vintage look. The glasses and heeled boots complete the look, love it!
Check out Nicole's blog: Holy Craft

Thursday, 3 May 2012

hot spot number 2

Our second hot spot visit was to a little, cute cafe on exchange street called T Ann Cake. This visit was very different to our first with Andy Rice, as Andy was very talkative and we hardly needed to ask any questions but at T Ann Cake we had to ask all the questions which was an interesting change.
The cafe is gorgeous with an american, quirky kind of vibe. I totally loved it! There were many different things to look at throughout the cafe which made me think of what Andy Rice had said "design is in everything". And it was true, all around there are so many little pieces of design that I suppose Ann hadn't thought of in that way.
We found out that Ann had worked in many places around the world, particularly in New York City, USA. She said that that is where her main inspiration had came from for her cafe and I think that it shows wonderfully. Again, a question I was interested in was "why Dundee?" she told us that because she lived near Dundee it was ideal and she wanted a premises on that specific street because of all the little things nearby that made it an ideal area for her and her cafe.
Ann also only really uses Facebook of her advertising and she says that using Facebook has been very successful for her. I think that the cafe is lovely and everyone should go down for T Ann Cake!