Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Nicola Coupe

So again at DJCAD Degree Show I saw another person who was dressed rather nice.. my sister!
name: Nicola
age: 24
occupation: Graduate of Fine Art
favourite shop: New Look
inspiration behind stye: Rock/Hippy Glam!
Well Nicola often is rather rocky, but on Friday she looked to her hippy/girly side and came out in this gorgeous floral number! The dress, with the shorter front than back, is so on trend and it looks totally fab! The floral print was a nice soft one, so it isnt overwelming like some prints. The little black shoes and jacket make the outfit a little more sophisticated and the red bag is keeping with the colour of the flowers. Nice!
Below are some photographs of Nicolas degree show work...

The work includes drawings using graphite, photographs and her painted triptic!
Check out Nicolas blog: http://niccoupeart.blogspot.co.uk/

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