Wednesday, 27 June 2012

My Holiday Musts!

Well as I am going on holiday in three days I thought it would be nice for me to share with you all my personal holiday essentials!

My camera - in this case, probably my phone will be used as my camera 

Heat Protect spray - to prevent the sun from damaging my hair too much. After Sun - self explanatory. Hair moose - for an easy but nice way to do my hair.

Always need a cute little summer hat:) 

I always like my nails to be painted nicely on holiday, and this is this years colour. 

A new cute pair of sandals 

 Always need a night time outfit, this shall be one of mine!

Ear-cuff, totally love this! 

Sunglasses - probably my favourite thing about summer, which is why I have two pairs that I regularly wear. 

Floral summer dress - just gotta! 

And finally, a new on trend bikini. The sailor theme this summer is one that I totally love so I took full advantage of it with this little cutie!

Well I will be leaving on Saturday for the sunny shores of Tenerife so this will probably be one of my last, if not my last, posts before leaving. I will be gone for 10 days of pure sun, sand and sea! I hope you have enjoyed looking through my personal summer essentials, why don't you tell me some of yours? And expect to see some of my holiday looks when I return to the not so sunny weather of Scotland on July 10th! 
Happy holidays everyone!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Accessories - bags and shoes

So when it comes to choosing my bags and shoes, I am admittedly slightly OCD...

This was my 6th Year Dance combination. 

 I wear these shoes all the time! - When I've got a night out these are always first choice!

 Probably my favourite colour to wear right now and this is also my favourite bag!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Accessories - part 1

Being the huge lover of fashion that I am, I do not believe an outfit is complete without the correct accessories. So for the my next few posts I will be taking you through some of my personal favourite accessories that I own in my collection. I will be starting with jewellery...
All of these photos I have taken myself on Instagram using my Galaxy S2, I must admit I am slightly addicted to Instagram! You can follow me, my name is miniature_coupe

 My favourite DKNY watch along with some cute bracelets

My sailor earrings

 Feather earrings - I wear these almost every day!

 Newest edition to my collection - my massive Red Indian inspired earrings!

 My skulls and spikes collection along with my silver bracelet that I wear everyday

 Feather ear-cuff

 Close-up of my handmade skull earrings - made by Becky Ford

Probably my favourite ring - wing like

So that's just a very small corner of my jewellery collection but they are probably my favourite items! I think jewellery plays a big part in making an outfit pop! If the jewellery ain't right then the outfit just isn't complete in my eyes. In fact, I am so fascinated by jewellery that I spend more time trying to decide what earrings I want to wear than almost anything else! 
Look out for more posts and let me know your thoughts, thanks!