Tuesday, 5 June 2012

preparation work

Ahh... so now that all the rehearsing, preparing then performing the fashion show is all over, (which by the way was awesome!) I can now share with you all my experience from it. This will include some of my own photographs from all the preparation work, some videos from the fashion show, which were taken by my Granda, and some of the professional photographs. So, lets begin shall we...

So these were just some photos I took while we were practising our routines for each section within the fashion show. These rehearsals went on for days so that for the actual shows everything was perfect! In actual fact, I think everything was perfect, I don't think there were any mistakes at all!

So next we were all allocated a dressing room/area and we all hung up our garments.

So this was my dressing room which I shared with four other girls. And below is our hanging rail where all our garments were hung waiting for us to put on in between sections.

Then finally came the hair and make up...
 All our hair was scraped back with gel. There were two options: 1. If you had long hair it was in a ponytail at the back of your head. 2. If you had short hair it was tied back in a bobble and neck level.
 The HND Students did everyone's make-up which consisted of a normal base layer of foundation, a small amount of mascara, nude lips and the most important bit... 24 caret gold leaf across our eyes!
Here was a close-up of my face just after having my make-up done. Now I personally don't wear foundation or bronzer or any make-up like that so I had to have everything done for me! Talk about being pampered!

There will be more Fashion Show 2012 posts to follow, so enjoy and be patient:)

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