Thursday, 3 May 2012

hot spot number 2

Our second hot spot visit was to a little, cute cafe on exchange street called T Ann Cake. This visit was very different to our first with Andy Rice, as Andy was very talkative and we hardly needed to ask any questions but at T Ann Cake we had to ask all the questions which was an interesting change.
The cafe is gorgeous with an american, quirky kind of vibe. I totally loved it! There were many different things to look at throughout the cafe which made me think of what Andy Rice had said "design is in everything". And it was true, all around there are so many little pieces of design that I suppose Ann hadn't thought of in that way.
We found out that Ann had worked in many places around the world, particularly in New York City, USA. She said that that is where her main inspiration had came from for her cafe and I think that it shows wonderfully. Again, a question I was interested in was "why Dundee?" she told us that because she lived near Dundee it was ideal and she wanted a premises on that specific street because of all the little things nearby that made it an ideal area for her and her cafe.
Ann also only really uses Facebook of her advertising and she says that using Facebook has been very successful for her. I think that the cafe is lovely and everyone should go down for T Ann Cake!

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