Thursday, 10 May 2012

kimono trend

So the kimono trend... I have to say, I really, really love this trend. The Japanese influences, beautiful prints, silk fabrics.. beautiful...(photos from asos)

However, being a student and admittedly a bit of a cheap skate, I customized an old kimono-like top I had to make it into a kimono cardi...
I simply cut it right down the middle and then folded the sides over and put in a little stitch to make a smooth edge. Its great the things you can create with an old top!
This whole thing reminded me of a wrap I made in one of my classes last semester...
My project for this wrap was based on Geisha's and their surroundings. So being in Japan, there would of been Mount Fuji, cherry blossoms, Japanese symbols, parasols.. ect. So this was my final peice which is about 150cm long by about 70cm wide. The circles creating the background I embroidered on which represent the Geishes parasols that they used to carry with them. The flowers obviously represent cherry blossoms and there are some Japanese symblos in there too meaning "Geisha", "woman" and "peace". There are some close-ups below..

The stitching on the above cherry blossom is deliberately untidy and off centre to make it more unique and look old, like the Geishas.

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