Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Lines And Grids 1

So for college one of my projects is called Lines and Grids and my theme I have chosen is New York. When doing this project there are three stages: Research, Development and Final Outcome. So I thought it would be a cool idea to share with you my project! So first its Research!
As I've been to New York I used some of my photos as primary research...

Then I looked at other photographs of New York...

After looking at these I started looking at drawings and paintings of New York. I also found some textile pieces which I reminded me of windows, buildings and bridges..

 The top 2 Textile pieces are from Fusing Fabrics book
This piece is by Bia Martinez

Piece by Linda McCurry

And finally here are some drawings and paintings I found of New York!

 By Dario Mosch

 By Dario Mosch

 By Dr Devience

 By Eddie Ching

 By Steven Wiltshire

 By Steven Wiltshire

By Thomas Lesley Conroy

So that is the "best bits" of my research so far. Hope you like it and I look forward to showing you my development of this project in the near future! 

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