Saturday, 19 January 2013

my plea!

So its a new year and a new semester at college for me. Now for one of my projects this year its all about reusing and therefor recycling. Its about being responsible with our materials and we were left to choose our own theme but the idea was that there was to be a meaning behind it, something sustainable. So I thought to myself that wildlife, nature, the ecosystem was a very sustainable process, until we (humans) became part of it. We are the ones tearing down the forests, destroying habitats and killing the animals that live there with it. We are the poachers who hunt animals for their skins to sell for profit. We kill the giant, beautiful elephants for their tusks.
My point is, cant we use other materials instead of ivory? Cant we use fake fur in the fashion industry?
What happens when we destroy everything on God's green earth? What will we do then?
And so as I am making a collection for this project I am putting out a plea: If anyone has any unused or unwanted fake/faux fur I would be grateful if you donated it to me. It doesn't matter what condition it is in as long as it is clean.
Thank you!

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