Saturday, 18 August 2012

Black T Phase 2

Okay, so last night I completed the customization's on my black t-shirt from the last post. In this phase I added studs to the t-shirt!
Here's how I did it..

Step 1: Equipment
- The t-shirt (obviously)
- Your chosen studs (I got mine from a great ebay shop! here)
- Pliers

Step 2: Adding the studs
- Push the studs through the fabric until you can see the fasteners on the underside of the fabric (below)
- Okay now you need to use your pliers. You DO NOT need to open them. Just use the flat edge of the pliers to push the fasteners down to secure the stud.

Step 3: Repeat
- Ta-dahh!
- Now that you've done one you just need to repeat it to complete your garment!

- Finished product (below)

Now my top is complete! Tell me what you think? Did you find my instructions easy to understand? I've tried my best to keep them simple. Tell me your opinion :)


  1. great tutorial! the black shirt definitely looks trendier with those studs :) xo jess

  2. Love this! as soon as I get saas in I am gunna order hundreds of studs and spikes haha. I love this and the dying looks amazing on it too!