Thursday, 23 August 2012

Ribbon Back Top

Back to the customization's we go! I think after this one there is still 2 more that I have to show you guys. (Ye, I've been a little busy this summer)
Okay, so again I started out with a plain white top and tie-dyed it. I'm pretty sure you that if you're a regular reader of mine you will know how to tie-dye. If not then you can look back on some of my older posts and you will see. (its pretty easy once you've done it once I promise)

Step 1: Equipment
- T-shirt
- Dyes
- Elastic Bands
- Gloves
- Ribbon
- Wooden Awl
- Cutting mat
- Knife
- Pins

Step 2: Tie-dye
Like I said, I'm not going to show you again but if you are unsure, just look back at some of my older posts:)

Step 3: Making it more interesting...
I decided that I wanted to make the top more interesting so I thought I could make the back look like a corset back with the ribbon woven through it so..
- Put a cutting mat inside the top
- Use a craft knife to cut a slit down the back, DO NOT cut all the way down

- There is now a slit down the back

Step 4: Ribbon Holes
- Keep the cutting mat inside the top
- Take your wooden awl (you can buy these online here) and push through the fabric to create little holes

- Continue all the way down to the end of your slit

Step 5: Add the ribbon
- To make life a little bit easier put pins through the ends of your ribbon so that you can pull it through the holes easily

 - Pull the ribbon through the holes
- Pull it as tight as you want or have it lose if you want, that's personal preference

- Keep going all the way down
- Tie in a bow at the bottom and cut off the extra ribbon

Ta-dah! Okay, I know its a bit off center and not quite perfect but for my first try I'm quite pleased with that!:)
What do you think of my tutorial? Did it make sense? Was it easy to follow? Any hints, tips or advice would be great!


  1. Congratulations lovely! I have chosen you to receive an award! Please visit my blog to collect it.
    This is a really creative idea, absolutely wonderful!

    xx Nikki

  2. Hey, I am now following you. i like this customization, really well done. The ribbon works great.

  3. Hi sweetie!I've tagged you for the most worn summer items TAG!
    Can's wait to see them!
    The T-Shirt looks very cute! You're very creative!

  4. wow this shirt is amazing,love it!
    I just found your blog and I really like it!
    check my blog if you want

  5. Thanks very much ladies! <3

  6. this turned out great, I love how you used the purple ribbon :)

  7. Hi, thank you for the nominating me..I am sorry for replying so late i was busy with school and working a lot in the couple days.. I am honored.. however, I already receive the Liebster Award. thank you once again. thank you xoxo