Friday, 17 August 2012

Black T

Hi guys, sorry I haven't posted much this week! My laptop is broken so I am now using the family pc. Anyway... I have been doing a lot of experimental dying with t-shirts recently (posts about them coming up real soon!) and I thought to myself, okay I'll wear a plain black T that way if i get any dye on it it won't matter right? Wrong! I did get dye on it and it left a bit of a grey stain which I was rather sad about. Then it came to me, why not just experiment with this t-shirt too? So, here's what I did..

Firstly I decided I was going to tie-dye the top with bleach because obviously coloured dye wont show up on a black top. (By the way, I'm really silly and forgot to take a before picture so I've took a picture off Google to show what my top looked like before.)

Step 1: Equipment
- Elastic bands
- Milton (bleach)
- Spray bottle
- Gloves

Step 2: Tie-ing
- Use elastic bands to tie around areas of the top to create resistance patches
- Repeat on desired areas of the garment
- Your top/garment should now look something like this (below)

Step 3: Dying
- Pour some of the Milton into the spray bottle with a little bit of water
- Put your gloves on
- Leave to dry over night
TOP TIP - Always rinse your garment after you have finished spraying it

Step 4: Finished Product



Now it looks like a brand new top! Let me know what you think of my instructions, I hope they are clear enough! And stay tuned for part 2 for the introduction of some studs!

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