Monday, 30 July 2012


As I am a fashion student I love to make items of clothing unique, therefore I tend to customize my clothes - after you do it once, it can become quite addictive!
So yesterday I customized a playsuit that I bought 2 days ago... Here is a step by step guide to how I did it!

Okay, so here was my playsuit before I done anything to it. The first thing you've got to decide is what you want to do to it. I opted for tie-dye!

Step 1: Gather everything you need
 - Milton (a sterilizing fluid or type of bleach)
- Gloves
- Elastic Bands
- An empty spray bottle

Step 2: Pour the Milton into the spray bottle

 Step 3: Tie you garment
- Use elastic bands to make spots of resistance to the Milton (like above)

Step 4: Put on your gloves
- Always wear gloves to prevent irritation from Milton (and also if you get it on your skin it really stinks!)
TOP TIP - Put an elastic band around your wrist on top of the gloves to stop them from slipping off or any Milton/Dye/ect. getting to your hands

 Step 5: Spray your garment
- Now this is the fun bit!
- Spray your garment wherever you want to create an effect!
- Remember to spray around the elastic bands to get the tie-dyed effect
TOP TIP - You never know what colour your Milton will make your fabric so be prepared for whatever turns out

Step 6: Drying
- Hang your garment with ALL ELASTIC BANDS IN TACT on a clothes horse
- Always put newspaper underneath to catch the drips
- Leave over night
TOP TIP - Rinse your garment before putting it on the clothes dryer

Step 7: Completion
- Once dry remove all the elastic bands and look at your creation!



And there you have it! One tie-dyed playsuit!
There will be more customized items coming soon!
Let me know what you think:) 


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  2. wow. Dress is soo beautiful. I love it .)

    btw. amazing blog, can we follow each ?

    1. Thank you very much:)
      Ye of course we can! I am following you now.

  3. fabulous

  4. This came out so cute! Bleaching & customizing my clothes is a favorite hobby of mine! Loved what u did with this xo

    1. Thank you:) I love customizing too, sooo much fun! Theres more to come in the next few days by the way:)