Thursday, 12 July 2012


Hola my glorious readers! That's me now just home from the beautiful land of Tenerife, and I cannot deny that I am a little sad to be home. However, being home means I have loads of lovely photos which I can now upload and share with you guys, yey!
So, I will be sharing a couple of posts about my holiday. These will include some of my favourite holiday outfits, some gorgeous photos of the scenery ect. and some professional photos that I got taken.
Therefore, lets begin with some of my holiday outfits...

Probably my favourite shorts of the holiday!

 As you can tell, I wore these shorts a few times :)

My 10E market day bargain! 

Home time :(

By the way, just in case any of you were wondering, it wasn't cold in Tenerife - not at all! The reason I was wearing leggings in some of my photos was to stop my legs rubbing and therefore hurting. The things you gotta do ay? xx

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