Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Marilyn Monroe - probably one of the most beautiful women to ever be in the public eye. I chose this photograph to begin my post for a reason: Marilyn was always this beautiful, curvaceous, blonde bombshell! And she was proud of it!...

As a young woman of 5ft and a size 12, I continuously feel the pressures of the modern world to be slimmer, to lose that 5 pounds, to wear heals all the time in order to look taller. And I personally don't understand why? Especially when you look at Marilyn, I mean she had a body that everyone envied, even today it is still envied by millions of women.

However, when you look at the clothing that the fashion industry is producing, it does not fit this figure. Now I understand that every woman is different and that some people are naturally slim. But don't you think that there should be clothing that suits all shapes and sizes? On entering my course in Fashion and Textile Design I had a vision of creating clothing that flatters women who are not a size 0. Also, being a great fashion lover I used to watch America's Next Top Model all the time, but even in that show you see that there is a specific type of model they are looking for. Tall, thin and, more often than not, pretty much shapeless. This makes me lose hope in what I wanted to accomplish all those months ago when I applied for my course.

Perhaps I am just moaning, but what do you think?

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