Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Grey Dress - Phase 1

Okay so I've went a little bit customization mad! So be prepared to see more coming up!
For now though I am going to show you the first phase of what I did to customize a very plain boring grey dress, there is 2 phases here just so I didn't bombard you guys with too much information!


So this was my dress, it is a maxi dress just so you are all aware.
Step 1: Equipment
- Sewing Machine (for phase 2)
- Tailors Chalk
- Fabric Scissors
-Thread of chosen colour (phase 2)
- A ruler of some kind
- Sewing Machine equipment

Step 2: Shortening
- So I wanted to make the length of the dress shorter so I marked on the fabric where I wanted to cut it with my tailors chalk
- Then I used my ruler item to put a line across for me to follow when I cut it
- Using fabric scissors cut along the line.

You should be left with a piece like this (below) DO NOT put in the bin because if you wish to continue onto Phase 2 you will need it! So put it to one side for later.

 Step 3: Fringing
- At the bottom of the dress I wanted to make fringing
- Pin the front and back of the dress together at the bottom to keep it even

- Again choose where you want the fringing to go to and make another line with the tailors chalk and your ruler item
- Start cutting
TOP TIP - When fringing don't worry too much about making the fringes completely even in thickness, its meant to look raw!

- Continue cutting until completed all the way along


If you wish to leave your dress like this then you have no need to look at Phase 2 (which will be uploaded tomorrow). However, if you want to customize your dress/outfit even more then keep your eyes out for Phase 2!

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  1. This is a great idea! Can't wait to see what you choose for phase 2!

    xx Nikki